Monday, October 30, 2006

Rocket-Hire annual survey results

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Rocket-Hire conducts an annual survey on the usage of web-based screening and assessment tools. We get a preview of this year's results in an article Dr. Charles Handler wrote for ERE.

136 "people professionals" who read ERE--a mixture of recruiters, HR execs, and hiring managers from a variety of companies.

Some interesting results:
1. There was a direct relationship between size of company and usage of applicant tracking systems with 56% of smaller companies using them but 100% of companies with more than 5,000 employees using them.

2. Compared with 2005, there was a drastic increase in the use of personality measures (65% usage) and a sizable jump for "measures of fit" (53%). I would be curious to see which instruments are being used.

3. 42% of respondents used some measure of cognitive ability--this seems very high to me and I'd be curious to see which organizations were more likely to use these.

4. Only 21% reported using simulations and 16% reported using biodata.

5. The job level least likely to involve on-line assessment was Executive/Vice President. (Just interviews, I'm assuming?)

6. The type of job most likely to involve on-line assessment was Managerial/Supervisory; Professional and Customer Service jobs were also frequently mentioned.

7. The types of job least likely to involve on-line asessment included Retail, Manufacturing/Labor, and Consulting/Advising. Seems like there's a lot of opportunity there.

8. Only 30% of assessment users collect metrics regarding the quality of these tools but those that do are MUCH more likely to see them as having a positive impact on their organization (89% vs. 50%).

9. "Qualifications" (experience, education, etc.) are by far the most popular screening/assessment tool under consideration for future use. Another reason why having
good information out there about the use of T&E measures is so important.

10. The most common obstacles mentioned to the adoption of on-line screening and assessment had to do with lack of faith in ROI. Lots of opportunity here for assessment professionals to
clearly articulate the value of valid selection tools and tie their usage to business goals.

Full results will be available mid-November and can be obtained by e-mailing Rocket-Hire at

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