Friday, October 13, 2006

Blogger ed

Another reason to use blogs: they can be an effective educational tool.

According to an
article in the Seattle Times teachers are using blogs more and more to supplement instruction, organize material, communicate with parents, encourage discussion, and promote deeper learning.

1 - More engagement, at least on the part of some students and parents.
2 - Enhanced writing skills.
3 - Kids use current technology, helping to prepare them for the workplace.

How is this relevant to recruitment and assessment?
1 - Practical application of writing skills using technology results in more qualified talent pool.
2 - Use of technology for self-expression may result in more positive perceptions of computer-based testing.
3 - Focuses kids on creating intelligible and appropriate writing, not TM-speak (c u l8r!)
4 - Use of blogs leads to expectation that others will do the same, such as employers. This is turn puts pressure on organizations to create blogs--and to do them right.

With all the controversy surrounding education, it's just plain nice to see some solutions that work.

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