Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Feedback can Rypple

Every once in a while I post about something that's not directly related to recruitment and selection. Particularly if it's about a cool new technology. And when that cool new technology is free, well heck...I can't help myself.

Which brings me to Rypple. Rypple is a website that allows anyone to request anonymous feedback from people they work with (or, frankly, anyone). It's similar to Checkster (which also has a free feedback system called "Talent Checkup" with limited functionality) but has a different focus. Whereas Checkster has tools for both employers and individuals, Rypple is focused on the individual. The interface is also a little different, a little more micro-bloggy.

Why do I think this is important? Because we know that positive reinforcement is the best way to encourage the same behavior, yet many employees feel under-appreciated and lack the information they need to improve their performance and gain insight. Supervisors and managers are often unavailable or distracted, forgetting how important feedback is. Tools like Rypple put the power (or responsibility) with the employee.

You can easily see how this could become part of not only performance management but things like leadership development and team success measurement.

One last note: they are in beta, so the site and services may change. You can read about some of the developments on their blog.

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