Thursday, February 08, 2007

Measuring quality of hire

I attended a pretty darn good little HCI webcast on January 30th presented by Taleo and Dell.

The title was, "Measuring quality of hire: You can't improve what you can't measure." Taleo gave an overview of why quality is important and how to improve it, Dell provided a case study of how they implemented a quality measurement system.


- Intangibles, such as the skills and abilities your workforce brings to the table, are an increasingly important aspect of firm value

- According to a survey, only about 20% of organizations define successful worker characteristics (i.e., perform a job analysis) prior to hire

- Measuring quality doesn't have to be difficult; for example, surveys can easily be distributed to hiring managers [e.g., through SurveyMonkey]

- Provides cost-of-mishire data for a variety of occupations, including Management, Computers, Legal, Protective Service, Construction, and Transportation [worth looking at just for this]

- Throughout the presentation, they present numerous ideas for metrics to use when measuring quality (e.g., time to fill, cost per hire, retention)

You can view the slides here.

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