Friday, February 23, 2007

Job Analysis: An Ounce of Prevention...

Anyone who needs to be convinced of the importance of job analysis might be interested in this settlement announcement from the EEOC. The lawsuit stems from discrimination complaints against Woodward Governor, an engine system and parts company. The complaints claimed Governor was discriminating against certain ethnic groups and women in pay, training, and promotions in violation of both Title VII and Section 1981 of the U.S. Code.

In addition to having to pay class members a total of $5 Million and be under the watchful eye of a court-appointed expert, the consent decree:

"requires that Woodward utilize an industrial organizational psychologist to perform an analysis of production jobs."

Do you have to be an I/O psychologist to conduct job analysis? Nope. Do you want to be mandated to conduct job analysis after being sued? Nope. Be prepared, make sure you have studied and documented your job requirements.

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