Friday, September 15, 2006

New IPMA-HR website

IPMA-HR has updated its website With apologies to Stephen Colbert,

Tip 'o the hat: The new format is much simpler and cleaner. Navigation is very easy, and the overall style is much more attractive.

Wag of the finger: Still no RSS or atom feed; SIOP's website also has this problem and I'm told they have no plans to implement this. We can do better. Also, and I know this is nitpicky, but testing products are described as "validated." Do I need to quote U.S. v. Georgia Power (474 F.2d 912)? Yes? Okay:

"...a test is not valid or invalid per se, but must be evaluated in the setting in which it is used."

Or how about
Griggs :"...any tests used must measure the person for the job and not the person in the abstract."

Okay, end soapbox. It really is a very nice website...honest! Happy Friday !!

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