Monday, September 04, 2006

AEI Study

There's a New American Enterprise Institute study out now, The State of the American Worker, 2006 and it has some very relevant information for recruiting. For example:

1) Median amount of money it would take to make people happier: $10K/year

2) Most preferred aspect of a job (by far): feeling of accomplishment

3) % satisfied with amount of work expected and vacation time decreased from 2004-2005

4) Over 1/3 are somewhat or completely dissatisfied with the amount of job stress

5) Only 50% are completely satisfied with their boss

6) More and more people see work as something they have to do in order to enjoy their leisure time

7) Nearly a third of workers have telecommuted

8) Workers feel they have much more loyalty to their organizations than visa-versa

Check it out.

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