Saturday, September 30, 2006

EEOC sues Outback Steakhouse

The EEOC is having a very busy Fall. On Thursday (9/28) the government agency filed a lawsuit against Outback Steakhouse and its parent company, OSI Restaurant Partners, claiming that since at least 2000 they have failed to hire or promote women into management positions, have offered them less training and advancement opportunities, and given them worse job assignments. The suit seeks reinstatement for all female employees who have faced the claimed discrimination, back pay with interest, and compensatory damages.

Another tough break for Outback, who in addition to facing some financial challenges is no stranger to
gender discrimination lawsuits .

The suit is similar to others that have been filed against grocery stores. Management positions in both types of stores typically require experience in certain parts of the store. In grocery stores this is often stock clerk. At Outback, apparently kitchen management is a prerequisite.

Wonder if Outback has any criterion-related validity evidence showing a relationship between kitchen management experience and performance as a restaurant manager...

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