Friday, January 23, 2009

Research round up

There has been so much good research coming out that rather than attempting to write a summary for each of them, allow me to simply present titles and links for you. I'll bet you see something you'll want to follow up on:

Cognitive and emotional processes in individuals and commercial web sites (how people respond to banner ads)

Occupational embeddedness and job performance (interesting results for people that are strongly linked to their career field)

Age stereotypes in the workplace: Common stereotypes, moderators, and future research directions (qualitative summary)

The hidden prejudice in selection: A research investigation on skin color bias

Does stereotype threat affect test performance of minorities and women? A meta-analysis of experimental evidence (really good stuff about moderators)

Stereotype threat reinterpreted as a regulatory mismatch.

Does socioeconomic status explain the relationship between admissions tests and post-secondary academic performance? (short answer: no)

Similarity and assumed similarity in personality reports of well-acquainted persons. (depends on which HEXACO factor you look at)

Not all conscientiousness scales change alike: A multimethod, multisample study of age differences in the facets of conscientiousness. (hint: there's something special about orderliness)


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Malcolm Chlan said...

It is always interesting to see how people's minds react to online advertising. Taking that angle when designing a website can be very rewarding for companies who get it right.