Sunday, January 04, 2009


As of January 1st, 2009, the professional organization formerly known as the IPMA-HR Assessment Council (IPMAAC) has changed its name to IPAC--the International Personnel Assessment Council.


IPAC is a group of professionals devoted to the science and practice of employee assessment. That pretty much covers it. Smaller, more accessible, and more focused than SIOP. Larger than say a regional PAC or PTC.

Why the change?

IPMA-HR restructured and decided having IPMAAC a Section no longer fit with their mission. IPMA-HR targets HR heads, while IPMAAC tends to focus on practitioners.

Why join?

1) Networking. IMHO the biggest benefit. Great group of people dedicated to their field, extremely knowledgeable, and willing to lend a hand. IPAC's forum is one of the best.

2) Top notch conference. If you're looking for the latest research and best practices on employee selection, this is where it's at, and members get a discount. Check out some of last year's presentations.

3) Leadership opportunities. Looking to distinguish yourself in the field through a leadership post? IPAC's always looking for people to step up.

4) Training. Staying on top of this field can be challenging. Hooking yourself into an organization dedicated to being current is a great idea.

5) Speaking of staying up-to-date, did I mention the monthly newsletter?

Interested in joining? Head on over to this page.

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