Monday, August 06, 2007

2007 Academy of Management Conference

There have been some news stories about one of the presentations at this year's Academy of Management (AOM) conference--about an online survey where a majority of respondents said that bad bosses either get promoted or have nothing happen to them. But there's a heck of a LOT of other good stuff at this year's conference. So take a deep breath and let's take a look...

First up, a whole set of presentations devoted to selection, including:

- Hiring for Retention and Performance
- Work Sample Test Ethnic Group Differences in Personnel Selection: A Meta-analysis
- Stigmatizing Effects of Race-Based Preferential Selection
- Longitudinal Changes in Testing Applicants and Labor Productivity Growth

Next, a session devoted to recruitment and selection, including:

- The Role of Sociolinguistic Cues in the Evaluation of Job Candidates
- Recruitment as Information Search: The Role of Need for Cognition in Employee Application Decisions
- A House Divided: Cooperative and Competitive Recruitment in Vital Industries
- The Practice of Sense-Making and Repair during Recruitment Interviews
- Overqualified Employees: Too Good to Hire or Too Good to Be True?

Next up, a session devoted to recruitment. Included topics:

- Customizing Web-Based Recruiting: Theoretical Development and Empirical Examination
- Network-based Recruiting and Applicant Attraction: Perspective from Employer and Applicants
- Fancy Job Titles: Effects on Applicants' Job Perceptions and Intentions to Apply
- Recruitment and National Culture: A Value-Based Model of Recruitment

Next, a set devoted to person-organization (P-O) fit, including:

- Going Beyond Current Conceptualizations of P-E Fit and Presenting a Status Report on the Literature
- Outcomes of Multidimensional Misfit: An Empirical Test of a Theoretical Model
- FIT: Scale Development and Initial Validation of a New Measure
Considering the Contextualized Person: A Person-In-Content Approach to Goal Commitment

Next, a set on predictors of individual performance, including:

- An Examination of Ability-based Emotional Intelligence and Job Performance
- Predicting NFL Performance: The Role of Can-do and Will-do Factors
- A Fresh Perspective on Extraversion and Automobile Sales Success
- Auditor Effectiveness and Efficiency in Workpaper Review: The Impact of Regulatory Focus

Last but not least, one of my favorite topics, how organizations and individuals perceive selection. Topics include:

- Understanding Job Applicant Reactions: Test of Applicant Attribution Reaction Theory
- Effects of Ingratiation and Similarity on Judgments of P-O Fit, Hiring Recommendations and Job Offer
- The Effects of Resume Contents on Hiring Recommendations: The Roles of Recruiter Fit Perceptions
- Organization Personality Perceptions and Attraction: The Role of PO Fit and Recruitment Information

This is just a sample of what the conference has to offer; if you went, or otherwise know of other presentations we should know about, please share with us.

And no, most of the presentations aren't available on-line but the presenters' e-mail addresses are provided and most folks are willing to share.

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