Saturday, December 04, 2010

More on personality: Empathy and genetic links

The research on personality inventories continues unabated with two new studies.

The first, by Taylor et al. in the December 2010 JOOP, found that empathy plays an important role in explaining the relationship between Big 5 traits and organizational citizenship behaviors.

The second, by McCrae, et al. in the December 2010 Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, was an attempt to better explain the genetic underpinnings of personality. The effects found in this study were small but significant, suggesting further research is needed to better understand this relationship.

Speaking of personality, don't miss Bob Hogan's most recent post to his blog; it features a wonderfully simply explanation of the value of even "small" correlations between assessment instruments and job performance.


Erik said...

I agree with Bob Hogan about the underestimated usefulness of understanding the validity of selection procedures. He explains it well. However it also appears to me that he is stretching reality (to put it mildly) to make his point: 0.14 correlation between taking Ibuprofen and painrelief....Common sense tells you that this is probably not true. If you need evidence see e.g. "Treating Acute Pain" (BMJ 1997;314:1531–5)stating that 70% of patients given Ibuprofen get pain relief (20% of this is assumed to be due to placebo effect). I think this blog is great(!), but please don't through common sense out the window!

BryanB said...

Thanks for the comment. Looks like it might be closer to .3, if studies like this are representative: (note the difference between log dose and serum level)

Not sure where Bob is getting his statistic, probably another source neither of us are aware of. But I was mainly interested in his overall logic.