Sunday, February 07, 2010

Feds new jobs site is Googlish

The U.S. Government has revamped its jobs page,, and in the process shown everyone else how its done.

Take a look at their old site. Not horrible, but cluttered with lots of features that distracted from the main reason people visit the site: to look for a job.

This picture actually doesn't do it (in)justice; there was additional content below the bar.

Now look at their new website:

This new website is what I would call "Googlish": simple, lots of white space, no scrolling required, and a single search box. The design focuses less on being pretty, and more on being functional. If you're interested in learning more about careers, or if you'd like information related to specific groups, like veterans or those with disabilities, its still there. And there's even more functionality up top in the form of drop-down menus.

Job seekers don't need a magazine ad. They need to quickly and easily find information. And this new website fits the bill.

How does yours compare?

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