Saturday, October 31, 2009

New Job Simulations Report

The U.S. Merit Systems Protections Board (MSPB) just released a great, easily digestible, report on job simulations.

The report includes several things, such as:

- Job simulations defined and advantages/disadvantages

- Types of job simulations (SJT, work samples, etc.) and concrete examples

- Benchmark data on satisfaction with candidate quality as well as how federal agencies currently use simulations (just don't look at GPA compared to job knowledge tests in Figure 2)

- Survey data on why simulations aren't used more often in the federal government (time and expertise, sadly, were the top reasons)

- A 5-step strategy for using job simulations

- References to support the use of simulations (and good selection in general)

A great, free resource for anyone wanting to learn more about one of the best selection mechanisms you can use. And particularly relevant as more and more organizations move to using training and experience (T&E) questionnaires as their first (quick but not particularly valid) hurdle.


Anonymous said...

If anyone sees this- my agency is interested in finding updated work sample/simulations for evaluations of people with disabilities. We currently use the VITAS/JEVS systems. We are interested in updating these hands-on (not internet or computer based) work samples. If you are familiar with updated work sampling, please email me at My name's Jason and I am a Vocational Evaluator for USOR.

BryanB said...

Jason - have you tried posting this question in other places, such as IPAC's LinkedIn page?