Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Power v. Group Differences

In a recent post I wrote about a chart my co-workers and I created to help us communicate with hiring supervisors about the pros and cons of various testing instruments. That graph mapped power (validity) on one axis, and speed of administration on the other.

One of the comments on that post mentioned it would be nice to see power vs. group differences. I agreed. So here it is!

The bottom line on this graph (no pun intended), if you're looking for the best combination of both, will be in the upper left quadrant.

A few notes of notes of caution before interpreting the graph:

- this graph charts only Black-White differences, which is the largest data set we have. It's important to remember that combinations of other groups (including gender) will yield slightly different results.

- the evidence on group differences for T&Es is rather scant. Not much has been found, but that doesn't mean it couldn't in the future, depending on what specific training or experience is being measured.

- finally, as the excellent recent article by Roth, et al. reminds us, adverse impact in your selection process depends on several factors, including the specific test or construct, the selection ratio, your applicant pool, and the order you place your assessments in.

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