Thursday, September 04, 2008

Free webinar on adverse impact

My colleague Dr. Jim Higgins shares my passion for providing education on topics relating to recruitment, testing, and selection.

So I'm pleased to draw your attention to an upcoming free webinar he's offering on Understanding Adverse Impact in Testing, Selection, Promotion, and Staff Reductions.

From the registration page:

This free webinar will help you better understand the history, present and future of adverse impact analysis and will aid in your efforts to ensure that your organization takes the steps necessary to protect itself from claims of discrimination. It will also help you ensure that your organization’s hiring and promotional practices are maximally compliant with the letter and spirit of EEO laws and regulations."

The webinar takes place on September 16th at 11am and it's only 45 minutes. If you like what you see/hear, Jim offers a free (yes, free) 9-session course on basic applied statistics.

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