Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Monster Performance Assessment

Yesterday I posted about an assessment that Monster.com offers job seekers in order to help them understand their strengths, values, etc. I mentioned that I wished that Monster offered a more valid tool that employers could use to match position requirements to job seekers.

A comment to my post yesterday pointed out that Monster offers such a tool to employers, the Monster Performance Assessment. This "online behavioral screening application" was developed in conjunction with DDI and the idea is that an invitation to the assessment is e-mailed to potential candidates and the results are stored by Monster. The tool can be built into Monster job postings and is designed to integrate with several ATSs. The tool is available for several job families, such as customer service, health care, IT, and sales.

Cost? $100 per posting--very cheap when you think about price per applicant.
Completion time? 10-15 minutes--very important given short attention spans.
Items? Looks like situational judgment--thank goodness its not just T&E.

In terms of getting the right people, I'm generally a fan of this formula: brand management + realistic job previews + constant recruiting (especially through referrals). But if ya have a situation where you've got a heck of a lot of active candidates, this is a pretty elegant way to go, although I'd like to see a technical report. Could also use biodata or pesonality tests, but those are trickier. I also like that they explicitly measure face validity.

A brochure on the product is available, as is a very informative webinar (Internet Explorer only).

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