Saturday, August 27, 2011

August Research update

Okay, past time for a research update.

- The September issue of IJSA has several articles on job discrimination, including pieces by Anderson, Anseel, and Patterson & Zibarras. Looks like the focus is not only on actual job discrimination but perceived job discrimination.

- Krause, et al. describe assessment center practices in South Africa

- Ree and Carretta get serious about incremental validity versus unique prediction

- What do you need to be a top notch recruiter? Well if your measure of job performance is revenue, don't dismiss emotional intelligence, according to Downey, et al.

- Chen, et al. help us understand how applicant personality interacts with impression management tactics to influence interviewer perceptions

- What type of student succeeds at a campus recruitment drive? Gokuladas studied nearly 600 engineering graduates in South India and found that success correlated with engineering GPA and English proficiency. Interestingly female graduates outperformed their male counterparts for jobs in the software services industry.

- Trying to predict counterproductive work behaviors? Bowling et al. suggest that the interaction between conscientiousness, agreeableness, and neuroticism is important and complex.

- One of the focal articles in the September 2011 Industrial and Organizational Psychology is all about individual psychological assessment--something I don't write about very often. Silzer and Jeanneret focus on executive assessment but cover a lot of ground on the broader topic, including why IPA has its critics and how we can advance the science. It is, as with all the focal articles, followed by several commentaries.

- Son Hing, et al. present a fascinating study of meritocracy and how it differs from other hierarchy-legitimizing ideologies

- Stats fans: Bonett and Wright present a method for obtaining the proper sample size for obtaining a certain confidence interval when conducting multiple regression.

- van Vianen, et al. describe a study that contributes to our understanding of the important of person-organization and person-supervisor fit

Sorry there haven't been more updates lately. New baby + potential layoffs at work = little time for blogging!

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