Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mega research update

Time for a big research update. There's a lot to catch up on, so I'll go quickly and give you just enough for you to follow up on if you're interested.

- More support for the attraction-selection-attrition model

- A 25-year review of the study of leadership outcomes

- Faces with stereotype-relevant features are more open to prejudice

- Early socioeconomic experience plays big role in future risk-taking behavior

- Taking the perspective of another may be key to reducing racial bias

- Generational differences in Big 5 personality factors

- How to improve management research

- Pros and cons of using social networking sites to make HR decisions

- Research directions for talent management

- Organizational branding and "best employer" surveys

- Using social networking sites for hiring decisions (if we just had a single database...)

- How computer adaptive testing aids in delivering unproctored internet tests

- How broad dimension factors may improve assessment centers

- Practical intelligence predicts success as an entrepreneur

- Psychological capital (efficacy, hope, optimism, resilience) is related to job performance

- Expressions of personality factors varies with the situation

Last but not least, this gem, a meta-analysis of the efficacy of simulation games for instruction. Relevance for us? As active engagement went up, so did learning. Lessons? Consider interactive simulations for recruitment and selection, but make sure the viewer is truly involved and not just a spectator.


Simmy said...

I have commented before, but I must say I still love your site. It is so helpful for keeping up-to-date on pertinent research and is so much more informative than many other I/O related sites out there.

BryanB said...

Thanks Simmy, I appreciate the feedback!