Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jan TIP gems: HRO, UIT, SIOP, and VII

Yes, my goal was to create a blog post title using words no longer than four letters.

Anyway, for those non-SIOP'ers out there, or SIOP'ers that may have missed 'em, there were some gems in the latest issue of TIP:

How I/O can shape the practice of strategic human resources outsourcing (HRO)

A great little study on perceptions of various ways of mitigating cheating on unproctored Internet testing (UIT)

The difference between academics and practitioners in terms of what topics are valued at the SIOP conference (e.g., the latter were more interested in job analysis, staffing, and strategic HR)

Last but not least, a point, counter-point on whether the addition of sex as a protected category under Title VII was a joke

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