Friday, September 24, 2010

September mega research update

I'm behind in posting updates of the September journals. Really behind. So instead of posting a series describing the detailed contents of each issue, I'm going to give you links to what's come out in the last month or so and let you explore. But I'll try to hit some high points:

Journal of Applied Psychology, v95(5)

Highlights include this piece from Ramesh and Gelfand who studied call center employees in the U.S. and India and found that while person-job fit predicted turnover in the U.S., person-organization fit predicted turnover in India.

Human Performance, v23(4)

This issue has some good stuff, including Converse et al.'s piece on different forced-choice formats for reducing faking on personality measures, Perry et al.'s piece on better predicting task performance using the achievement facet of conscientiousness, and Zimmerman et al.'s article on observer ratings of performance.

Journal of Business and Psychology, v25(3)

Another issue filled with lots of good stuff, but I'm almost 100% positive abstract views are session based, so use the title link for article on response rates in organizational research (full text here), the importance of using multiple recruiting activities, and the importance of communicating benefit information in job ads.

Journal of Applied Social Psychology, v40(9)

The article to check out here is by Proost et al. and deals with different self-promotion techniques during an interview and their effect on interviewer judgments.

Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, v83(3)

Check this issue out for articles on organizational attraction, communication apprehension in assessment centers, and the impact of interviewer affectivity on ratings.

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