Saturday, July 03, 2010

Three on EI

A couple of posts ago I wrote about the most recent issue of IOP and the focal article on emotional intelligence (EI).

Now there's another meta-analysis out by O'Boyle et al. in JOB which may add some support to fans of EI. Here are the main findings:

1) Corrected correlations of between .24 and .30 with job performance.

2) The three "streams" of measures (ability, self- or peer-report, and "mixed models") correlated differently with cognitive ability and personality measures.

3) Perhaps most interestingly, self-/peer-report and "mixed models" had the most incremental validity beyond cognitive ability and personality.

More evidence that these measures--whatever they're measuring--are correlated with job performance, and they seem to be picking up something new. But do we know what's being measured? And what aspect of job performance is being predicted (contextual rather than task performance seems likely)? And what about other considerations, such as face validity/applicant reaction?

For those of you into EI, here are a couple articles that you may have missed:

Mayer et al.'s overview in the 2008 issue of Annual Review of Psychology (PDF; full text)

Cote and Miners' 2006 piece in Administrative Science quarterly (PDF; full text).

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