Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Some blogs to follow + FB group

Here are three blogs you have missed:

Shaker Consulting Group (makers of the Virtual Job Tryout) has a new blog out written by my friend Joe Murphy. Recent posts covered the ERE conference, the importance of data-based decision making (can't agree with that enough!), and the recruiting value proposition.

Another is I/O at work, sponsored by HR Catalyst. They do a great job summarizing recent research across a wide spectrum of topics. Recent posts covered evidence-based management, the importance of positive feedback, and what job ads say about organizational culture.

Finally, those of you that subscribe to my shared items know I'm a fan of the blog from Recruitment Directory, an Australian consulting firm. Recent topics include checking out your job site on the iPad, website security, and the Australian HR Tech Report.

On a different note, if Facebook is a big part of your life, you may want to join the HR Tests fanpage. It's a great way to get your news in your feed, learn who else reads HR Tests, and have the ability to comment, without waiting for moderation, on any post.

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ReidMallard said...

Hi there. It's great you highlighted I/O AT WORK in your new blogs column. Thanks much! We have had a great deal of encouraging feedback about the site. Really, though, a brief comment about I/O AT WORK is that by intent it's meant to be more than a blog. While it does provide a forum for sharing comments, each post, or review of a journal article, is written by a select group of writers. The review then goes through three rounds of edits to ensure content, readability, grammar, etc. I/O AT WORK's objective is to provide I/O practitioners and HR professionals with accurate reviews of current research so that it can be more easily applied to the working world (hence the name of the site). We're posting reviews 3-4 times a week now, but you should see daily posts before too long. We really hope to keep it free to the user so we appreciate your exposure, and encourage anyone's feedback.