Saturday, March 20, 2010

March 2010 J.A.P.

The March 2010 issue of the Journal of Applied Psychology is out. Let's take a look:

Do women make better leaders? According to a study by Rosette and Tost, it varies with how success is attributed, the level of the position, perceptions of double-standards, and expectations. So the answer? A very solid "it depends."

Who should determine SJT scoring? Motowidlo and Beier suggest in their research study that situational judgment test (SJT) scoring keys based on input from subject matter experts (SMEs) contribute differentially to the prediction of job performance compared to keys based on general knowledge about trait effectiveness. What does this mean? That your ability to predict performance using SJTs depends in part on who is determining the scoring, and getting SME input may boost the effectiveness.

Do Americans work to live or live to work? Based on an analysis from Highhouse, et al., it's looking more and more like the former.

Need more evidence of the value of confirmatory testing? Naquin, et al. performed three experimental studies that demonstrated higher levels of lying when using email compared to pen and paper.

Do you like your leaders proactive? According to research conducted in China by Ning et al., you're not alone.

Finally, a slight correction to an article by Ilies et al. published last July on the relationship between personality and organizational citizenship behaviors.

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