Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The future of selection

Last week I presented at the Personnel Testing Council of Northern California's monthly luncheon. The title was "Selection in a changing world: What will we be doing, and who will be doing it?"

The topic was motivated mostly by my own experiences related to what's going on in our field lately. With many of us facing severe budget challenges, I got to thinking about things like:

- What do we need to be doing, what should we be doing, and how can we add value in lean times?

- What impact does automation (e.g., applicant tracking systems) have on the work we do?

- What impact does automation have on the competencies we need?

The field of HR has been talking about transformation for years now, with IMHO only partial success. It's time for assessment professionals to take a look at ourselves and determine if we're where we need to be.

You can see the slides here:

They should also be posted soon on PTC-NC's website.

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