Monday, November 17, 2008

New blog--and newsletter

Over at U.S. Research Associates, my friend and colleague Dr. Jim Higgins has started a blog, and a newsletter, devoted to topics such as personnel selection and employment discrimination. They're both worth checking out.

Jim starts his blog with a post about legally defensible competency modeling for selection. He offers some great words of advice to those of you thinking about (or already) using competencies for selection. For example: what validation strategy is appropriate? (hint: it's not content validation)

The first issue of the newsletter (November 2008) starts with the same article but includes several others you might be interested in. Topics include:

- Why employers lose legal challenges to their testing process

- Adverse impact analysis using binary logistic regression

- A review of several statistical analysis software packages

- An overview of criterion-related validation

- Multiple regression and the OFCCP

Good stuff! Jim also offers several free on-line training classes on topics such as criterion validation, adverse impact, and Microsoft Excel.

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