Friday, August 22, 2008

Tracking down the "Internet Applicant Rule"

When the OFCCP's Internet Applicant Recordkeeping Rule first came out it generated a lot of discussion.

You don't hear much about it now, even though it's one of the most important regulations that covered employers need to be concerned about when it comes to electronic recruiting. It specifies information that must be collected and retained about applicants and permissible screening criteria to filter down candidates.

Why the drop in popularity? Sure, it's not a new and sexy topic anymore. But another reason might be that the OFCCP doesn't make it easy to find information on the rule and they don't publicize it prominently anymore. There's no link to it on their homepage; the actual Federal Register rule is nowhere to be seen.

And the pretty-darn-helpful FAQs? Moved. Here. (granted it IS in the FAQ section)

Let's not forget about this particular regulation, as it impacts recruitment and selection (for those it applies to) just about as much as anything out there, including the Uniform Guidelines.

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