Monday, July 28, 2008

Font matters

When preparing a resume there are a few guiding principles. Don't make it too long. List only experience that's relevant. Organize the information in a logical way.

Now we can add a new one: use the right font.

In a recent study published on Usability News, the authors found that the font chosen for a resume has a significant impact on how the applicant is perceived.

Using the job of webmaster, the authors presented participants with resumes identical in content but varying in appropriateness of font, from most appropriate (Corbel) to least (Vivaldi).

Results? "Applicants" that used the most appropriate font were judged to be more professional, knowledgeable, mature, experienced, believable, and trustworthy than those that used less appropriate fonts.

Not only that, but those that used Corbel were more likely to be called for an interview!

So think about that the next time you're about to send out an email in pink Comic Sans MS.

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