Thursday, May 24, 2007

Technorati Gets a Fresh Coat

Technorati, one of the most popular blog search engines, has undergone a face lift.

According to this post, changes include:

1 - Simplified search. It's less technical now and easier to find what you're looking for.

2 - Enhanced results--searches now includes posts, blogs, photos, videos, podcasts, etc.

3 - Improved user interface (and it's still being tweaked), including a ticker at the top that tracks popular searches.

Why do we care about blog search engines?

- They're a great way to keep up on the latest news, research, articles, etc. in your field of interest. Blogs are oftentimes updated more frequently than other forms of media and are very targeted.

- They're a good way to identify potential applicants--people who are passionate about their interests and keep up to date on developments.

- For those of you considering starting a blog, or in differentiating your blog from others out there, they can be used to canvass the existing landscape and make comparisons.

- They can be used to see what's popular--blogs and searches.

- They can, sometimes, be used to gather information about applicants you're considering for hire. You may be able to find work samples or opinions/thoughts expressed by people you're considering--and you can use that information to follow up/verify in person.

- They're a great way to make connections and become part of the larger community.

Oh, and don't forget about other blog search engines (some people have a preference), such as Google Blog Search.

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