Friday, March 09, 2007

Recruiting 2007 Conference

Not only is it journal time these days, it's conference time.

Kennedy Information is holding its Recruiting 2007 Conference and Expo at the Las Vegas Hilton on May 9-11.

: $1095 for the whole shebang, cheaper for solo days. $495 for pre- and post-conference workshops.

Focus: Internet recruiting, using the Internet for recruiting, and recruiting over the Internet. Oh yeah, with a special focus on health care recruiters. On the Internet.

Who's presenting: Practically everyone you can think of, including:

Steven Pemberton from Monster about its diversity survey;

Steven Rothberg (CollegeRecruiting) about social networking sites;

Jason Goldberg (Jobster) about how to use Web 2.0;

Shally Steckerl and Dave Mendoza (JobMachine) about using LinkedIn;

Carol Mahoney from Yahoo! about building a talent acquisition organization;

Peter Weddle about best practices in online recruitment;

Those two guys from CareerXroads about building relationships;

John and Bridget Sumser on generational recruiting;

Paul Forster (Indeed) on Web 2.0 (again...hey, I smell a trend);

...and that's just the beginning. There's a whole mess 'o content being presented here.

Wait...where's Joel Cheesman? Oh there he the very end of the regularly scheduled conference. At 4:45. In May. In Vegas. Heck, it's worth going just for that!

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